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Our Photo Gallery


Dear Fans,  


This is the new Willie Clayton.  

As you can see we are going to

the next level.  The thing is, I cannot do this without you.  

This section of my new website is for you and me.  

Everywhere I go you all are there to keep me relevant

with all of the outstanding pictures that you take.

 I need those here for all to see.  I know that I have the greatest fans in the world of any artist out there.  


So here's what I need.  I would like for you all to go to and upload me all of your photos so that they can go right here in the rotation of pictures.  I want to set the record of having the most fan pictures on the website than any other artist in showbusiness.  We are going to set the record straight.  We need these pictures so don't sleep on it.  Every week, we will showcase a picture of me and a fan from the cities I have traveled.  Without you all, there would be no me.


In other words guys, this is where I get to show you my love and appreciation for all that you do in keeping me going.  Keep in mind where we are headed, we can't be stopped.  After all, we are just getting started... I love you.


Willie Clayton

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